Various Artists "Krone Circus"

Catalog # KRO00232
Date: 04th January 2019
Genre: Tech House/Electronica
01. Marco Corona ''The Future'' (Lost Kontrol Re-edit)
02. Radka & Reitmann ''Metamorphosis'' (Original Mix)
03. Lost Kontrol ''The Drug'' (Original Mix)
04. Locksmith 84 ''Kolee'' (Original Mix)
05. CROniNO ''Nasty'' (Original Mix)
06. Marco Corona ''You Know'' (Original Mix)
07. MisterLeleDj, Andrea D’alò ''My Jungle'' (Andrea D’alò Mix)
08. Volca Massaker Orchester ''Karmin'' (Original Mix)

Radka & Reitmann "Bora Bora Beach"

Catalog # KRO00231
Date: 18th January 2019
Genre: Tech House/Minimal
01. Bora Bora Beach (Original Mix)
02. Metamorphosis (Original Mix)
03. This Is The Captain Speak (Original Mix)

Lost Kontrol "The Drug"

Catalog # KRO00230
Date: 14th December 2018
Genre: Tech House
01. The Drug (Original Mix)
02. The Drug (CROniNO Re-edit)

Marco Corona "The Future"

Catalog # KRO00229
Date: 23rd November 2018
Genre: Tech House
01. The Future (Original Mix)
02. The Future (Lost Kontrol Re-edit)

Locksmith 84 "Number 1"

Catalog # KRO00228
Date: 28th September 2018
Genre: Tech House/House
01. Number 1
02. 2 Step

Various Artists "Ibiza 018" Selected by Marco Corona

Catalog # KRO00227
Date: 20th July 2018
Genre: Tech House
01. Locksmith 84 ''Black Cat'' (Original Mix)
02. CROniNO ''Nasty'' (Original Mix)
03. Marco Corona ''You Know'' (Original Mix)
04. Didier Largemain ''Melotron'' (Original Mix)
05. MisterLeleDj, Andrea D’alò ''My Jungle'' (MisterLeleDj Mix)
06. Lost Kontrol ''Bangla Market'' (Original Mix)
07. Marco Corona ''Be Free'' (Lost Kontrol Remix)

MisterLeleDj, Andrea D’alò "My Jungle"

Catalog # KRO00226
Date: 3rd August 2018
Genre: House
01. MisterLeleDj Mix
02. Andrea D’alò Mix
03. Kabubi Remix
04. MisterLeleDj Jungle Remix
05. Acapella

Didier Largemain "Warp"

Catalog # KRO00225
Date: 13rd July 2018
Genre: Tech House/Deep House
01. Melotron (Original Mix)
02. Drum Effect (Original Mix)
03. Warp (Original Mix)
04. Acid Synthe (Original Mix)

Marco Corona "You Know"

Catalog # KRO00224
Date: 4th June 2018
Genre: Tech House
You Know (Original Mix)

CROniNO "Nasty"

Catalog # KRO00223
Date: 7th May 2018
Genre: Tech House
Nasty (Original Mix)

Lost Kontrol "Bangla Market"

Catalog # KRO00222
Date: 16th April 2018
Genre: Tech House
01. Original Mix
02. Marco Corona Melody Mix

Locksmith 84 "Vacation"

Catalog # KRO00221
Date: 19th March 2018
Genre: Tech House/Deep House
01. Vacation
02. Black Cat
03. To The Sunrise


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