Your Demo - Rules & Link to Submit

  • Format: MP3 only
  • Quality: 320 kbps More than sounds good will have a positive impact. How can you judge a song that crackles?
  • Entire track - No snipped !
  • Your e-mail: insert it as part of the name of the file (preferably at the beginning).
  • We receive a lot of demos. And you do not want to be lost among the maze of a hard disk, right? In addition, we will know how to contact you if we like the fly!
  • Genre: you need to listen to the kind of music that we publish. What is near to our tastes will have more chance. Remember, though, you don't copy our songs; these we have already heard. Be creative!!!
  • Do not send demo is not quite finished. "There is still some effect here and there." "I have not pumped." Wait a few more days but send the complete project. We can not tell you what there is in the piece, what is missing, give advice. Are you to judge when the project is finished. We understand if it is solely for us.
  • Exclusive: the song must never have been published, even as a joke or a contest, or just on your site, on SoundCloud, etc.. Otherwise affect greatly the possibility that the song will be considered by us.
  • Do not send the file as an attachment to your e-mail. It slows down our mail server and your e-mail address will never arrive at their destination. We only accept links. There are many free as SoundCloud (private track with enabled the download), WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.
  • The answer: do not know if we insist on listening. Usually weekly evade the ratings. If we like we contact you. Unlike having regard to the amount of demos that you can not respond, though, to be honest, almost always try to do it. However, this time spent unnecessarily assume that we are not interested.

  • Ready?
    You can send the demo. Go to CONTACT on home page, compile the form and put the link to listen the tracks in the body of the message.
    We don't accept other methods!